7th Pay Commission: Latest Updates on Minimum Pay Hike


New Delhi, January 31: A day before Budget for the year 2018 will be tabled before the parliament, central government employees are positive that the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will bring something for them. On Tuesday, a top finance ministry official on the condition of anonymity said that the government was toying with the idea of bringing modifications of pay rules under the 7th Pay Commission recommendations to enhance the pay per month for lower-level central government employees upto the pay matrix level 5.

According to The Sen Times, the source said that the government is on the path of effecting minor changes in the pay matrix upto level 5.

 In 2016, Jaitley assured the leaders for looking into their core demand of increasing Pay and fitment formula.

In July 2016, Jaitley also promised in Rajya Sabha to hike the pay of the central government employees beyond the suggestion of the 7th Pay Commission.

“The government is going to fulfil the promise of Arun Jaitley to increase the salary of employees upto the pay matrix level 5 beyond the 7th Pay Commissionrecommendations which will be paid from April,” the source further added.

The cabinet had earlier approved the proposal of the 7th pay panel on June 29, 2016, for replacing the 6th Pay Commission pay scales with a fitment factor of 2.57 times uniformly.

The 7th Pay Panel recommended minimum pay Rs 18,000 per month while the maximum pay from Rs 2.5 lakh.

The unions also demanded for hiking minimum pay Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000 and they also asked to raise fitment factor 3.68 times from 2.57 times.

In September 2016, the National Anomaly Committee was formed to resolve pay related anomalies.

The Department of Training (DoPT) issued a letter on October 30, last year stating that the demand for an increase in minimum pay and fitment formula do not appear to be treated as an anomaly, therefore, these do not come under the purview of NAC.

The officials further added that the government is going to drop the DoPT letter and to implement the commitment, which was made by FM Jaitley to hike the pay of lower-level employees.

Even as the central government employees are waiting for a clarity on minimum pay and fitment factor hike beyond 7th Pay Commission, confusion surrounding the matter still prevails.

Some reports earlier said that the money will be paid in accordance with the recommendations of the 7th pay commission which were approved by the Union Cabinet.

The Gazette will have this information in the next financial year and it might be implemented from April 2018, according to media reports.

It is believed that government will increase minimum pay to Rs 21,000 per month and fitment factor by 3.00 times.
There is also no clarity on whether the government would pay arrears.

When the 7th Pay Commission was approved by the Union Cabinet last year, the minimum basic pay was increased from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000 whereas the maximum pay increased to Rs 2.5 lakhs with a fitment factor of 2.57 times.

While presenting Budget FY19, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley increased the salaries of President of India, Vice-President and also the members of Parliament, without providing any views on central government employees issue.

Jaitley in this Budget stated that the emoluments of the President be revised to Rs 5 lakh per month while emoluments of the Vice-president be revised to Rs 4 lakh per month.

The government may allocate money for the hike in Budget 2018-19 but the hike will come into effect later in the year, according to earlier media reports.

A total of 48 lakh central government employees are living in hope that the government will increase their minimum pay and fitment factor this year.

Employees were demanding that the minimum basic pay be increased to Rs 26,000 with a fitment factor of 3.68 times.

Source by:- india